Practical English
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Course Overview
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InstitutionPenn Foster High School
SubjectLanguage Arts Core
Education LevelHigh School
Credit Equivalent Full
ScheduleSelf Paced
End DateUp to 3 Months
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Course Fee$279
Course Materials CostIncluded
Registration Due DateAnytime

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Course Description
Designed to improve both verbal and written communication skills, Practical English is an essential course for all high school students. It enhances language skills (grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, the parts of speech, and writing), expands vocabulary, and helps master pronunciation. To help develop writing skills, the course emphasizes sentence structure, paragraphs, letters, and composition in general. Brief, written assignments are required.

Included are five comprehensive study units—
The Parts of Speech
Word Usage
Sentence Skills
The Writing Process, Part 1
The Writing Process, Part 2
Supplement: Winning with Words
The course has three multiple-choice exams, plus two exams requiring both multiple-choice and written answers.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
Explain why language is so important in almost every aspect of everyday life
Describe what better communication skills can do for individuals and groups
Name the eight parts of speech and describe their functions
Explain how the parts of speech are organized to communicate meaning
Determine the part of speech of each word in a sentence
Apply language skills in conversation, vocabulary, word choice, spelling, writing, and pronunciation—to be more precise, more persuasive, and more successful in life
Understand and use any or all of the information given about any word in a dictionary
Use synonyms and antonyms to express precise meanings of words
Recognize the parts of a sentence and use them correctly
Select the correct pronoun to use in writing or speaking
Correctly use modifiers, prepositional phrases, conjunctions, apostrophes, periods, and hyphenation
Distinguish independent clauses from dependent clauses
Avoid, point out, and correct common writing mistakes
Punctuate sentences to convey the intended meaning
Write sentences that have effective beginnings, concise wording, parallel structure, and active voice
Identify common misconceptions about writing
List and describe the stages of the writing process
Create unified, coherent, and effectively structured paragraphs and compositions
Write effective, appropriate, friendly letters, courtesy letters, and formal invitations
Recognize the elements of several types of business letters
Write and format attractive, functional, and efficient business letters and memos
Correctly write factual reports, job applications, résumés, and cover letters

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Course Materials
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