Fitness and Nutrition
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Course Description
This course has a dual purpose: 1. To educate students on the importance of being fit and feeling good, with detailed instructions on how to manage their own wellness; 2. To introduce students to fitness training and management as a possible career.

Among the topics are: the forms and functions of the muscular, cardiorespiratory, and skeletal systems; the role of energy in exercise; how to manage fitness and diet; the scientific way to control weight; how to adapt exercise programs for those with special needs; and how to prevent and treat training injuries. With numerous useful charts.

The course includes six illustrated, reader-friendly study units: Introduction to Managing Personal Health - Muscles in Motion - Exercise and How It Affects the Body - Injury Prevention and First Aid - Nutrition and General Health, Part 1 - Nutrition and General Health, Part 2. There are two supplements - Body Talk: A Glossary of Fitness and Nutrition Terms and (for optional use) HIV/AIDS Awareness - and six exams.

Also included: Answer Key Supplement, with solutions to the Practice Exercise problems in the study units.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
Explain and practice various ways to take charge of their health and lifestyle
List the physical and psychological benefits of managing their health
Understand the importance of a weight maintenance program
Discuss the types of opportunities available for fitness leaders
Define medical terminology that relates to the fitness industry
Identify the different types of muscles, and explain how they work
Explain how conditioning affects the size and shape of muscles
Discuss the effects of steroids on the muscular system and body
Explain the functions and structures of the cardiorespiratory support system, the skeletal system, and the energy systems that trigger muscular movements
Tell how the conscious and unconscious minds control actions and form habits
Describe how the body responds to both anaerobic and aerobic exercise
Discuss the importance of METS and kilocalories (units of energy measurement)
Understand the relationship between gender and physical fitness
Explain the importance of adapting diet and exercise programs for those with special needs, such as the elderly and those with cardiac, respiratory, or diabetic diseases
Identify common causes of exercise-related injuries, and describe various symptoms
Explain how to use the RICE method for treating minor injuries
Describe the causes of muscular soreness and pain, and list ways to prevent them
Discuss such issues as healthy weight maintenance, including dietary modifications, the danger of fad diets, and health disorders that can result from improper nutrition
Explain the importance of dietary fiber, water, and specific vitamins and minerals
Identify the food sources of fat, and offer tips on reducing fat from a person's diet
Explain the dangers of high blood cholesterol, and list ways to lower it
Compare the relationship between high blood pressure and high-sodium diets
Outline the basic functions of nutrient supplements and the controversies about them
Explain how to read ingredient and nutritional information on food labels
Identify ways to eat nutritionally when there is little time for food preparation
Understand what AIDS is, how HIV is transmitted, and how to prevent HIV infection

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